Since we partnered with the SHINE Mural Festival, we’ve had a lot more interest in mural tours and hope you’ll enjoy doing one with us!

On this pre-set route, you’ll see over two dozen murals and make three short stops at local watering holes. These tours are PRIVATE TOURS only. (We did PUBLIC/MIXER TOURS of this route during the SHINE Mural Festival only.)

When you book, make sure you write in the Notes that you want to do the SHINE Mural Festival Tour. That way, we can make sure your Pilot knows that you want to do this tour—and we can email you more information about the murals.

Right at the PedalPub Hub (where we start/end tours) there are four murals:

PAOLA DELFIN (SHINE 2019): The quiet, subtle mural that Mexican artist Paola Delfin created at 1975 3rd Avenue South, is calmly mesmerizing. Painted in the colors of a pen and ink drawing, two versions of the same woman’s face rise out of tropical leaves. Finely painted leaves in shades of black and grey surround both versions of her, clustering over both heads like a crown.

NOMAD CLAN (SHINE 2018): A dramatic expanse of sea and sky and storm, dominated by the enormous, weary face of a Spanish soldier, expands across 2025 3rd Avenue South. The mural faces east, looking out at 20th Street South. This work by England’s Nomad Clan is called Return to Sea. 30 feet high and 110 feet long, it’s a massive scene that’s both realistic, and dreamlike. The mural is like diving into the pages of a swashbuckling novel.

VITALE BROS (SHINE 2019): Local legends, the Vitale Bros, designed this mural to highlight the impact of a diverse marine ecosystem. The mural includes a red snapper and a sea turtle. The fish species displayed are native to our region and playfully interact with classic cartoon imagery and pop art to appeal to a younger generation. The concept is reminiscent of old comic books that featured ‘sea monkeys’ while juxtaposing concepts of fishing characters throughout pop-culture history and our nostalgic romance with the ocean.

CHAD MIZE, JAMES OLESON, & PINELLAS COUNTY CENTER FOR THE ARTS (SHINE 2015): Chad Mize, James Oleson, and ten Pinellas County Center for the Arts students covered the Pinellas Trail’s concrete barricades with colorful Florida-themed art. The colors are a tourist’s dream of Florida, bright gold and red and orange, and aqua blue. Seagulls, sun, sand castles, palm trees, flowers, pelicans and sea creatures decorate this knee-high string of murals influenced by the hip retro aesthetic that Chad Mize is known for. This year, Chad Mize & Friends are repainting the Pinellas trail barricades as part of a Bright Spot project.

During the tour itself, you’ll see five new SHINE Murals and six more SHINE Murals along with others along the route. We’ll pause at these murals and encourage you to hop off to take pictures!

When you book your Private Tour, we will donate 10% of the proceeds to the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance—if you click on the word “SHINE” in the “How did you hear about us?” section when booking.

Note: Public/Mixer Tours are not specifically Mural Tours but we do stop at a few along these tour routes.


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