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This is the second year we are partnering with the SHINE Mural Festival. We’ve had a lot more interest in mural tours and hope you’ll enjoy doing one with us!

On this pre-set route, you’ll roll through alleys and down cobblestone streets, taking time to stretch your legs and take great pictures of the murals. We will make stops at two local watering holes.  We are doing PUBLIC/MIXER Tours of this route during the SHINE Mural Festival. We are doing PRIVATE Tours during and after the Festival.

When you book, make sure you write in the Notes that you want to do the SHINE Mural Festival Tour. That way, we can make sure your Pilot knows that you want to do this tour – and we can email you more information about the murals. Also, so we know to give 15% of the proceeds of your tour to the SHINE Mural Festival.

Right at the PedalPub Hub (where we start/end tours) there are four murals, 2 existing and 2 brand new! :

Untitled (PedalPub Parking Lot), 1975 3rd Ave S
Artist: HOXXOH, Miami
New Mural in Progress

*This is a sample of HOXXOH’s work*
Hoxxoh’s works represent what happens when we let go of our control of time and let its predetermined course take control. Spheres of life are on display, illustrating the motions of space and time working in unison to create natural order.

Bait & Switch, 301 20th St S
Artist: Vitale Brothers, St. Petersburg (2019)
Existing Mural

The Vitale Brothers are a St. Petersburg-based mural and hand-painted sign company, led by Johnny Vitale and Paul Vitale, with clients from the Tampa Bay Rays to Great Bay Distributors. Trailblazers in the local art scene, the Vitale Brothers have launched memorable art events for many years and collaborated in set design for movies filming in area such as Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

La Emperatriz, 1975 3rd Ave S
Artist: Paola Delfin, Mexico (2019)
Existing Mural

This quiet, subtle mural is calmly mesmerizing. Painted in the colors of a pen and ink drawing, two versions of the same woman’s face rise out of tropical leaves. Finely painted leaves in shades of black and grey surround both versions of her, clustering over both heads like a crown.

The Path We Came, 1927 4th Ave S
Artist: Chenlin Cai, Philadelphia
New Mural in Progress

*This is a sample of Chenlin Cai’s work*
Chenlin Cai is a visual artist lives in Philadelphia. Cai received his MFA from two world-renowned universities in fine arts, the Tsinghua University in China and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Cai is a Commissioner at Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs from 2022-2023.

Download a PDF of all the Murals in the SHINE Festival 2023 (7MB)

The PedalPub is partnering with the SHINE Mural Festival for the second year to offer special mural tours during (and after) the Festival. PedalPub will donate 15% of the proceeds to the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance through the end of the year.

We’re excited to partner with PedalPub to offer SHINE Mural Tours. The route will feature new and old murals, and riders may even be able to catch the artists in action during these tours,” said Jenee Priebe, Director of SHINE.

During the festival (October 13th to 22nd) special “Public/Mixer Tour” times will be available, where riders can book “By The Seat”.

Tour times are: Friday 4-6pm (10/13 & 10/20), Saturday 1:30-3:30pm and 4-6pm (10/14 & 10/21), and Sunday 2:30-4:30pm (10/15 & 10/22). Riders are asked to be flexible on their times as the PedalPub needs a minimum of 8 people pedaling.

Both during and after the festival, “Private Tours” of the murals (where one person rents the entire PedalPub) will be available through the end of 2023. Renters must use the word “SHINE” while booking to designate their tour as a SHINE Mural Tour.

PedalPub has been operating in the Mural Arts District since 2011 and this is SHINE’s 9th year.