Welcome to PedalPub® St. Pete!

It’s not a Dive Bar, it’s a Drive Bar!

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, eco-friendly way for groups of (8 to 48) adults to get some light exercise and fresh air while touring interesting parts of our city. You and your friends will power a big Dutch-made bike while pedaling, singing, drinking, and having an all around great time! Bring your own ice, beer or wine (no liquor or glass permitted) and let a friendly Pilot guide you on a 2-hour tour through the city and see the murals!  Make up to three stops at local establishments along the way. PedalPub® is the venue,  you are the party!


Want to Book Just One or Two Seats? – only $33 or $38 each

Try our PedalPub® PUBLIC TOURS! Rent from one to sixteen seats.  For Public Tours:  Needing eight people to start out, we have some non-pedaling seats, all patrons must be willing and able to pedal at all times or must leave the tour all by themselves, wherever they are, in sadness, having to get their own Uber, with no refund.  (We have no motor, only you!) For Private Tours:  the bike rolls well with eight pedalers, so if you can’t pedal, book the whole bike, get your friends to pedal you around town, and you’re all good!

Please Remember!

No hard liquor.
No glass.
Bring your beverages (on ice) and snacks in a small cooler.

Two to three beverages/person is perfect!

New note: Bring cash – $1s and $5s. Some bars do not take credit cards. It’s also easier/quicker to pay for beverages (and tips) in cash.

If you are on a PUBLIC/MIXER tour, you HAVE TO be ready, willing, and able to pedal or you may be asked to leave the tour with no refund.