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PedalPub St. Pete is now offering “Seat At A Time Booking!” We are offering “Public Tours” from just $33/seat Sunday-Thursday, $38/seat Friday-Saturday. It’s a great way to get out on the town and meet some new people.

All riders must provide photo ID at the time of tour, and each must read and sign the PedalPub® Release of Liability Waiver.

*Please note: Requests for Mixer Tours are not booked or charged until a total of 8 people have signed up. We will contact you prior to the event to discuss alternate times if the minimum hasn’t been reached. We do our best to accommodate all Mixer Tour requests.

*Although we do have some non-pedaling seats, all riders on Public/Mixer Tours must be willing and able to pedal at all times or must leave the tour and will not receive a refund.  (We have no motor, only you!)*

Evening Public Tours

Now is your chance to bring a small group of friends to join others on this public tour. You can purchase just one seat at a time and meet new people!  Just click on the BOOK NOW button below!